Ever need to know who sits where? How much of your real estate is housing empty desks? Or the right sequence for staging your scheduled moves of furniture and people? As a leading designer of commercial interiors, our clients need answers to these kinds of questions. 4-1-Where keeps one basic piece of data—who sits where—fully aligned to underlying reality. This means you can track that data, analyze that data, run scenarios with that data, and make better decisions, faster.

A new look. The same great solution.
November 12, 2014

We are pleased to announce a new look and a new name for 4-1-Where. As our technology and service have evolved over the years into a best-in-class solution, it is time that the brand identity does the same.

We proudly introduce Gensler’s Workplace Information Solutions Platform, or more simply, Wisp. In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a fresh look to our website, log in page, and platform. Expect to see bold colors, modern photography, and new content to better describe our technology and services.

Our brand enhancement is deeper than face value. It reflects an ongoing commitment to our clients—that we will continue to innovate and provide the tools and top-notch service that our clients love. As your real estate strategy evolves over time, we are here to support you at every stage.

We look forward to sharing our new identity with you.

Joan Meyers
Director of Workplace Information Solutions
Questions? Contact us at 608.796.4371 or info@genslerwisp.com